Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rest In Peace James 'Yankee Jim' Leskevich

I felt a real punch in the gut yesterday when I read that long-time White activist Yankee Jim had died at his own hand after killing his wife. The whole story is a tragedy all around, for Jim's family and for the White Nationalist movement. His wife's affair unraveled him and I feel so sorry for all involved.

Yankee Jim was a true hero for his race. He had an untiring devotion to White Nationalism and was instrumental in several rallies: Kingston, NY; Knoxville, TN, to name but two that brought attention to black on White crime and violence. He was a host on Free Talk Live, an internet program from Vanguard News Network.

Jim had a blog called The Hudson Valley Freeman. His blog photo was Omri Sharon, son of Ariel Sharon. The clueless jewsmedia didn't fact check and used the photo as being him. See this blog for a screenshot. I have no interest in posting the details of Jim's problems here. You can read it at his blog if you are so inclined. I suspect that the jewish homosexuals at SPLC and ADL are as gleeful as the local paper is. In fact, the comments from readers of the local paper show that multiculturalists are the most wild-eyed haters in the world.

Rest in peace, Jim.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Forty Year Undeclared Race War Heats Up.

I will have to start posting more North state news. I have ignored the corruption cases in NC because plenty of others are covering it. One need only drive on the roads in NC to know that there is plenty of corruption. Roads are horrible. TN has good roads and no income tax.

Big (jew) media generally tries to cover up TNB (typical negro behavior) by either not reporting on their criminal behavior, or they refuse to mention a perp's race unless that perp is White. However, two high profile TNB cases left the media with no choice.

First one happened last week:

TINLEY PARK, Ill. (CBS) ― Four people are dead in a shooting Saturday morning at a Lane Bryant clothing store in a strip mall in Tinley Park, and police say the gunman is still on the loose.

The latest was a city council in MO. Most likely Whites on that council. Of course, the nog shooter's brother was right in line with the rest of the negroes, like those that voted Marion Barry back in and other negroes that have been corrupt, or criminals. Their own champion them. The nog shooter's brother:

Thornton's brother, Gerald, told local television station KMOV that he saw justification for the bloodshed. "My brother went to war tonight with the people and government that were putting torment and strife into his life, and he ended it," Gerald Thornton said. "I'm OK with it."

In one article, the kaffir's mother was interviewed and, apparently, she was okay with it, too.

This nigger was doing unlicensed work. When you work in a trade with no license, you take a chance on the state coming down on you. In NC, for example, doing electrical contracting without a license will get you a $500 fine and a slap on the wrist from the Board in Raleigh. Not really a big penalty if you do a decent sized job that pays you several thousand bucks. Licensed electrical contractors can get into a lot more shit if they burn a house down, don't pull a permit, etc. If this nog was advertising as a professional tradesman then he would have come to the attention of local govt. Most likely, he was too stupid to pass a licensing exam. Apparently, he was pissed about this and his own unrealized political ambitions.

Untold millions are victims of nigger violence. Don't put up with it. Whites are in an undeclared race war and refuse to realize it. If one of these nogs tries to rape or murder or rob you, put the animal down. Shoot it, stab it, whatever you have to do. You will save yourself much grief and you may save the life of another White person. The alternatives could be much worse for you. The alternatives for the nog (if caught) is a stay in a 'nigger hotel' which is prison. Cable tv, three meals a day, a bed and all the dope and asshole they want.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Good Job South Carolina

Primary today. Glenn Beck and others fawning over the negro Obama. Hilarious. Even funnier is being a fly on the wall in the Hillary office as they curse and sit confused. Decades of negro ass kissing and they dump Hillary for the black guy. Welcome to reality, libs. People (except Whites, for the most part) are ethnocentric. I wasn't surprised nor were other racialists I know. Blacks aren't surprised. Only dumb White libs are.

This has to be a tough year for lefties. Do they vote for the woman or the nog?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Mexishit Crime Dept.

Not content with having the cheap labor, disease ridden mexishits rolling in unabated, the good Governor has facilitated the entrance of the gangs. I guess that goes without saying. After all, noone has inspected or vetted these shitskins. They just strolled across the border.

Gang activity is up. That includes graffiti, dope, etc.

Today, the scanner crackled with a report of an armed robbery at a spic owned business. Robbed by two spics. Took place on Spartanburg Highway in Hendersonville this afternoon. They were apprehended on I-26 a few minutes later. LEO did a good job of covering the roads and catching them.

Just another mexishit crime, another day in the Kwa.

For the braindead who like to say that we have criminals in the US who are natives. True enough. Why do we need to import more?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Political Cesspool
is on at 8PM nightly at the link above for winamp. Excellent show for Whites. Paleo-conservative/White Nationalist show. You can also go to and look at the top of the page for links to listen on other players. Covering snivel rights, illegal immigration along with the true nature of the immigration laws.

A good friend recently sent me a copy of March Of The Titans and I highly recommend it. Buy it! You can read it online, but a purchased copy is so much better. It is available in print or on cd. You can find it here. It is a history of the White race from Cro Magnon man up to current times.

More and more stories about food shortages are popping up. A lot of it is related to using corn for ethanol, etc. South Africa is facing a crisis in food because of the power company Eskom's 'load shedding' (afro PC term for blackouts) scheme. You can read a ton of stories related to food shortages here. A short note from Holly Deyo, one of the site owners that I think is worth reading:

HOLLY NOTE: We have posted articles continuously for the past several months detailing depletion of US and global grain reserves to record lows, grain thefts in Kansas, food shortages, rising food prices and resulting food riots, in hopes that you are getting this message: As tough as it might be right now, this is definitely the time to purchase significant food stocks. Consider taking Pres. Bush's $800/person rebate and invest it in food storage instead of blowing it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Your Broker Will Just Make You Broker

Lots of 'technical glitches' during the stock market dump yesterday. To be expected. Even Al Capone said they were a bunch of shysters, those Wall St. guys. So, here is something from India that was interesting in light of what many of us know about what Wall St. does to gullible goyim.

The equities market all over the world are crashing. The Dow futures are already down more than 500 points. Many stock exchanges especially in emerging nations have stopped trading citing technical glitch. The stock brokers all over the world are refusing to pick up the phone to0 accept sell orders. More than a trillion dollar may be lost in world equity markets before end of January.
Meanwhile, South Africa becomes a true black-led and controlled, typical African nation:

Cape Town - Weddings in the dark, disgusted tourists and business owners leaving the country are some of the effects Eskom's power cuts are having, according to postings on a website dedicated to the problem.

In the first 48 hours of operation since being set up by trade union Solidarity, 'Eskom Stories' received 2 000 letters about people's experiences of, and losses resulting from, power cuts.

Entrepreneur Art Goosen recounts how he is relocating to Amsterdam after being forced to run his R1.5m a month business on a generator for the past two months.

"When I leave, 17 people with their families will be without an income, never mind the other industries that I purchase from.

"Somehow, I cannot fathom (you can, but your liberal, European mind won't allow you to think it outright. You might go to jail if you do-SA) out why these people in government and their parastatals cannot get their priorities in order."He exported to the European Union and his London branch, but with his shipments being late he was subjected to severe penalties.

"Why should I struggle with all this? Crime is sky high, there is no power and no one cares."

Necklacing, the ANC's national sport, is still going strong in South Africa for blacks. If you are White then they just rape your wife in front of you and your kids or torture you for hours before taking your cellphone. Hey, where the hell are all of those activists that demanded the dismantlement of apartheid?

Pretoria - Frightened foreigners in Soshanguve South, are moving out of the area fearing for their lives following a spate of violent attacks on Mozambican and Zimbabwean nationals, the Sowetan reported on Tuesday.

Dludlu said the problem started when four foreigners broke into a spaza shop owned by a Soshanguve resident. He said residents apprehended and necklaced one of the suspects.

Excellent blog that is telling the truth about the hellhole that the nation has become. I did find a website for South African expats living in the US and was interested in their charity section of the website. One charity is for jews and the other prominently displays a negro kid. Screw White people, I guess. Good job, wealthy, White expats in helping your own people. For those Whites that do want to help Whites in South Africa, the Solidarity trade union does a lot of social work for them (and blacks). There is also an Afrikaner charity based out of the Orania Afrikaner town.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Border Guard Run Over. Now You Fed Employees Know What Your Life Is Worth

YUMA, Calif. -- A Border Patrol officer was run over and killed on Saturday as he attempted to lay a spike strip to stop a speeding Hummer in the sand dunes of Imperial County.

Authorities in El Centro and Yuma, Ariz. said the agent was killed in the line of duty along the Mexican border in the Algodones sand dunes, 110 miles east of San Diego. Federal agents from San Diego rushed to the area to oversee the investigation.

The California Highway Patrol closed freeway ramps at Grey's Well Road, between Yuma and El Centro, but traffic on Interstate 8 itself was not affected.

Border Patrol agents in Yuma said the agent was deploying a spike strip to puncture the tires on two vehicles fleeing federal officers when he was run over and killed.

The Yuma Daily Sun reported that the two vehicles, the Hummer that hit the agent and an accompanying Ford F-150 pickup truck, were being chased west on I-8 from a checkpoint near Yuma. As the cars exited the freeway at Grey's Well Road, the agent was struck.

The vehicles sped south through sand dunes towards Mexico. Interstate 8 is less than one mile north of Baja California at that location, and the two vehicles were last seen speeding towards Mexico federal Highway 2 east of Mexicali.

The sand dunes are a popular off-road vehicle playground, and the border fence in the area is frequently overrun by some of them.